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Sinogastech is a business division of Sinocleansky that focus on gas equipment. With advanced technologies and strict quality management, our gas equipment has passed the major international third-party quality control certifications such as UL, TUV, Lloyds and etc.


Sinogastech specializes in supplying comprehensive gas equipment including high pressure gas cylinder, cryogenic cylinder and tank, CNG conversion kits, CNG cascade and skid, cryogenic lorry tanker, etc. Sinogastech’s products serve a wide application in chemical industries, fire fighting, petroleum industries, energy, metallurgy, mechanics, etc. Most of the products have been awarded as outstanding products respectively by the state and the ministry of industry.


Sinogastech seeks to contribute to the enrichment of society through business firmly rooted in principles of fairness and integrity. The essence of what we do at Sinogastech can be best described as focusing on the needs and seeds of customers and society.


In addition, we provide optimal solutions for all stages of business—from development, procurement and production, to logistics and sales. Supporting the realization of these solutions, linking businesses and coordinating customer affiliations are all important functions of Sinogastech.


Furthermore, Sinogastech also anticipates trends in the market and society and takes initiative to develop new business.


Through the advanced technology, diligent manner, and our insisting on what we believe, Sinogastech aims to be the first-class gas equipment supplier and would like to create more value with you together!